In 2005 St. Luke United Methodist Church prayerfully affirmed our mission statement. This statement drives our programing, worship, missions, and discipleship ministries.

Our mission is to, LOVE as Jesus loves with sacrifice and obedience, without judgement or condition, and in so doing, to WIN everyone to Christ, to DISCIPLE people in the faith, and to GLORIFY God.

believe that it is our responsibility to share the love of Jesus Christ with our community and world. Our Church Council has approved an operating budget of $438,447 for 2023 which will allow to us continue to be faithful with the calling God has given to us. With this total, we will be able to fullfil our mission to LOVE, WIN, DISCIPLE, and GLORIFY. The percentages below seek to tell the story of our budget allocation for the upcoming year. Please prayferully consider how you and your family can help us in "living the mission" in 2023.

If you would like to make your committtment online, 

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